Which ICO are you planning to invest and why?

Most of the ICOs are struggling to raise capital for their projects . Some of them have shifted their TGE to Q4 and some have extended their period. In this Bearish market which ICO do you plan to invest and why?

This will help people like me to decide where to invest.

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I believe in adrealm.com.    They will make it as they are doing things no one else is doing

on September 22, 2018.
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I going to invest my money this kind of projects which is build up on future planing that damand increased day by day. And the projects which price value increased gradually.

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I only invest in ICOS at present and i only invest in ICOS that all ready have a working model,99% of ICOS fail because either scams or pipe dreams that will go nowhere.

I am going to invest in 2 ICOS in the next 3-6 weeks and i will explain why.

The first one is BEAM that has a proven working model with 5,000 stores throughout the world and will be expanding.This company has all the top companies on board Coca Cola,Amazon etc and they have had this working model since 2011 and i think in the long run this is worth investing,i dont have alot of money myself but i will buy in for about $150-$200 and see how it goes.

The second 1 is a company from the USA that makes and sells Sat Navs and this company has had a working model since 2006 and they signed up 3 million customers in the first 3 months of this company launching in 2006.After the ICO the next step is to move into Europe and another part of the world that i cant remember at present.

The moral of this is that these two companies have a proven record and proven working models,where as other ICOS project dont have nothing just a pipe dream and will fail because the concept has not been proven.

The 2 mentioned above are with Escrow that means money is not released until what is said in Roadmap has been done,if they don’t do what they say the investors money is locked in until all steps are fulfilled.

Investing in a ICO that is connected with Escrow is very good because they cant run off with investors money. Research is very important when investing,its alright been a big investor you can buy with big bonuses and then sell before exchanges,know has pump and dump.This happens when they know the project will fail because of no working model.

I hope this helps.

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